About Us

We are an Estonian-based company with an international team, a group of passionate entrepreneurs who have the same goal: to empower the future of Blockchain technology.

To achieve this, we are aware of the two fundamental factors that bring life to a project; funding and marketing, and that is what we provide to the companies that join our ecosystem. We are the first blockchain platform that has the ability to raise funds for startups and companies through our first-time introduced model, "Decentralized VC" and also give those companies the possibility to promote themselves through a wide variety of marketing, PR services and advanced features in our Marketplace.

At LivelyVerse we work to develop and deliver the best next generation solutions and services for companies that want to grow and expand their visibility. We strive to help our clients and partners evolve in the Blockchain Industry.

Our Mission


At LivelyVerse we give Startups the opportunity to boost their visibility through the power of our Media side. In our ecosystem, companies and entrepreneurs will have access to a wide variety of marketing services, PR and even tv audiovisual programs. Furthermore, to empower the Blockchain industry, we spread knowledge about the latest technological advances and raise awareness of promising projects through our mass media tools and our tv show “LivelyWorld”, our own TV show, which reaches more than 80 million viewers in Latin America, Miami and Spain.

Our Tech


At LivelyVerse we focus on reducing risk for investors and provide them with a wide variety of startups through our first introduced model, "Decentralized VC", a model that aims to help companies that have passed the requirements, raise funds and have a number of special benefits, such as access to our network and exclusive services.

We are the Guardians of the Lively Verse.

Gabriela Reyes

Co-Founder CEO

Parsa Abbasi

Co-Founder COO

Sina T.

Co-Founder CTO


Co-Founder CMO

Ali A.


Mehdi T.

Product Designer

Ali O.


Reza B.


Carolina C.

Community Manager

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